Photographic Futures: Work experience – Day 10


For my final day of work experience, I made my way to Meopham, as outlined within my last research post. Meopham was, like Gravesend, a rather difficult location to shoot by virtue of its size (it is the longest village in England). I therefore again, had to prioritise what subjects I shot. The windmill and cricket green are easily Meopham’s most illustrious locations and thus, this is where I began. The windmill was particularly difficult to photograph, as with quite a few of the locations I’ve photographed for this work experience, it was a large building situated within tight and crowded confines and I simply couldn’t get far enough away to get a fully bodied shot. The green was also a little trying, as without any cricketers, it wasn’t possible to convey what made the green unique – which is it’s peculiar location, completely surrounded by busy roads and houses, with no netting to catch stray balls. I did the best I could with what was on offer. The Cricketers pub, as well as the Kings arms are both situated around the cricket green, so I shoot these next. I then made my way onto a trail that led off the back-end of the green and out into the surrounding countryside as I wanted to show off some of what the village is perhaps lesser-known for. Lastly, I headed to St. John’s church and the village sign, unfortunately there was a wedding taking place in the church, so I wasn’t able to shoot that. I did however capture images of the sign. All in all, I spent around 4 hours walking and taking images. I spent a further 3 sorting and editing said images, some of which can be found below.


Meopham - WindmillSally and holly tails field - compressedMeopham - Countryside and trailMeopham - Village signMeopham - Cricketers and windmill from cricket green


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