Photographic Futures: Work experience – Day 9


I’d been dreading this one for a while. Gravesend.

Busy, hot, noisy, hot, hot and hot. It was hot. Going into Gravesend, I will admit I was biased (and still am). I’m not a huge fan of the place, and I dreaded the prospect of trying to take a decent picture of some of the subjects; The Woodville Hall is a giant pebble-dashed rectangle, for example. With a lot of past locations, I was able to take images that found a good balance between function and form, with Gravesend, it was almost all function. See, this type of photography doesn’t allow much room for creativity or care much for aesthetic beauty, it is all very utilitarian. Some locations are inherently beautiful and thus bypass this, but a Poundstretcher is uhm.. pardon the pun, stretching it. There’s no trying to find a nice angle, light, story etc. it is simply, a picture of poundstretcher. My ego barely allowed some of the shots existence, but I knew I had to take them, and so to my disgust, they now sit on my computer. Some locations managed to slip in a little beauty, the Heritage center and New Tavern Fort, but other than that, I didn’t enjoy myself greatly. I spent around 4 hours in Gravesend taking images, walking between locations took me quite a while so I had to decide which locations to omit. I decided the fort and promenade where arguably the two areas of greatest interest and importance, so headed there instead of Windmill hill gardens and Woodland parks. It was quite a difficult day, with it being the hottest day of the year, there were a lot of people around. A lot of whom had big, now bright red, bellies on show, which sadly probably isn’t quite how the council wish Gravesend to be seen. The Woodville Halls was swamped with families and children playing in the fountains, so I felt uncomfortable shooting the area, instead opting to shoot inside the building. The Fort was easily my favourite location to shoot, the heritage centre also resided within its walls and thus, I tried to sneak a little of the fort in the foreground to show that. All in all, I think I was fairly successful. I nearly left in frustration and despair at one point, but didn’t, so that’s something. I spent 3 or so hours sorting and editing the final images, some of which can be seen below.

Hopefully one day that Poundstretcher picture will kick-start my career.


Chantry Heritage center - compressedNew tavern fort interior - compressedGravesend - Gordon gardens memorialGravesend - Clock towerGravesend - shopping centre


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